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TOLKAR is the leading innovator in both the industrial and commercial laundry fields. Moreover, with 50 years of history, this family business is continuously developing its product line and cost-saving features. For instance, here are just a few of the benefits of TOLKAR’s line of commercial laundry equipment:

JS Mechanical Services is proud to be the authorized dealer in Western Canada for TOLKAR.

  • Reductions in water usage,
  • Forward/Backwards tilting
  • Automated chemical dosing,
  • Water recovery tanks
  • and extended machine life.

As a result, these features, and many more, reduce your costs and operating overhead.

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Commercial Laundry Supplier | TOLKAR Hydra Washers
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HYDRA Mini / Midi / Maxi

Fully Automatic Washer-Extractors

Smartext 600 Washer Extractor

Western Canada Authorized Dealer

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The smartest investment you can make moving forward.

SMARTEX is at the leading edge of innovation with a reputation for quality and reliability.

Firstly, the SMARTEX product line is the future of commercial laundry technology. Secondly, its advanced features are extensive and designed to improve efficiency. Thirdly, and most importantly it pays for itself by reducing the problems you face.

100% Measurable, Sustainable, Economical & Green

Save 60% in water usage with Water Recovery Technology

20% less drying time/energy with Smart Balancing TM

The Future of Laundry Automation

Watch the TOLKAR SMARTEX systems at work.

Features and Benefits

Technological, Ecological, and Economical Advantages.


Less water, chemicals,
and heating energy.

Extended Life

Extended life and
washing/rinsing effects.

of Force

extraction force.

Chemical Dosing

Automated chemical dosing helps reduce your supply costs

Direct Gas Heating

Quickly gets water up to temperature.

Water Recovery Tank

Reduce water usage even more with this option.

Industrial Water Counter

Automated chemical dosing helps reduce your supply costs

Automatic Weighing System

Quickly gets water up to temperature.

Forward Tilting

Reduce water usage even more with this option.

Poly ribbed ECO drum System

50% less water, chemicals, and heating energy.

400G Superior Extraction Force

Quickens the washing process and reduces time on tools.

Specially Design Embossed Drum

Extends textile life with better washing/rinsing effects.

TOLKAR: Commercial Laundry supplier.

50 Years of History

TOLKAR has gained a reputation throughout the world by reaching a production run of 3500 machines per year. They export the SMARTEX line and other premium laundry equipment to more than 81 countries around the globe.

TOLKAR provides all capacities of commercial & industrial laundry machines along with auxiliary equipment including turnkey projects and all textile/garment processing, washing, dyeing machines, unique waterless technologies right alongside the distributorship of the leading brands such as BIKO, COLMAC, SPEED QUEEN and RENZACCI.

Smartex 3430 commercial washer with Miracle technology.

Over 20 years of combined experience maintaining, repairing, and installing all makes and models of laundry equipment.


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